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    Inspired by the sapphire and rose birthstones this sexy sign combines, this bright and bold turban will certainly illuminate those lengthening autumnal nights. Coordinating with the velvet base, a centerpiece of electric blue is surrounded by delicate pinks and silvers, the paler clear jewels paying tribute to the element of air. Balanced like our Libra ladies, this embellishment has a perfect symmetry and harnesses a feminine beauty to please the Venus ruled souls. Echoes of nature abound in the floral formations, representing the cooperative and harmonious relationship this sign enjoys with the rest of the world.

    Gathered at the front tab, folded at the back and flexible in size due to stretch nature of fabric, TFHB turbans easily adapt to your head shape and are designed to afford the individual wearer room to perfect their chosen positioning. This style can be worn centrally or to the side for an asymmetrical finish.