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    Ruled by the moon and fluid like water, this piece is intrinsically inspired by and designed for the cancerian ladies out there.  Drawing on a night time colour palette of black and silver, soft velour perfectly contrasts with a detachable brooch of coordinating jewels that twinkle and shine in the light. These simple colours offer a conservative and traditional feel whilst the colour contrast and bold embellishment offer a distinct and luxurious look.

    Often credited with being imaginative and intuitive this piece reflects these cancerian traits and lends itself to playful interchangeable styling, offering the wearer a multitude of style options depending on your mood. Made up of a basic black tab turban, two meter scarf and detachable brooch, the three components can be worn separately or combined in a number of ways. The scarf has one black and one silver side meaning both colours can be brought to the fore, or left out all together. TFHB turbans easily adapt to your head shape and are designed to afford the individual wearer room to perfect their chosen positioning.