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    Yvette Amber Jewel Turban (Sagittarius)


    Product Description

    A colourful combination for the wild child of the zodiac, this piece salutes the adventurous Sagittarius sisters out there. Long celebrated for its fusion of calming blue and fierce red, our rich purple velvet base harnesses a luxurious and regal tone. Multiple tangerine beads form a centrepiece arrangement in perfect contrast, with the oranges echoing amber, the power stone for this sociable sign. Rejoicing in an extravagance and playful party eccentricity, this piece has a zest for life and fun that mirrors the magic of those born at one of the most celebrated parts of the year.

    Gathered at the front tab, folded at the back and flexible in size due to stretch nature of fabric, TFHB turbans easily adapt to your head shape and are designed to afford the individual wearer room to perfect their chosen positioning.